About Us:

Welcome to Morpho Orthodontics!


You are probably wondering why Morpho? Well, “morpho” comes from the Greek word that means “form or shape,” as in the word “metamorphosis” (change in shape). It is also the name of a family of tropical butterflies prized for their blue wings. Come in and SEE Dr. Lackovic’s personal collection of butterflies on display while he changes the shape of YOUR smile!

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality results in an ultra-modern, comfortable space using the latest technological advances at our disposal. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Dr. Lackovic creates a balanced, proportional, functional, and inviting smile for each of his patients.

Orthodontics is an experience that elevates your quality of life. Our philosophy is based on personal integrity and honesty, and we aim to perform the best treatment at the best time in your life — and for the right reasons. Come in for a free examination and discuss all your treatment options with Dr. Lackovic!


At Morpho Orthodontics, we provide a wide variety of advanced services. Ask us about:

Clear and standard braces for children, teenagers, and adults
Surgical treatment
Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)
Self-ligating braces
Two-phase treatment
Interceptive care
Non-extraction treatment
Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen™

Meet Our Doctor

My profession means the world to me. Maintaining trust with the general public and offering choices are critical to providing the best possible treatment. It doesn't really feel like work because I love what I do. Having patients visit me for adjustments feels more like having friends drop by to visit and chat for a while! It is enjoyable to hear about the lives of different people on a daily basis and to share positive experiences with one another. I am proud to put my experience and enthusiasm at the service of each of my patients.


The University of Toronto is where Dr. Lackovic earned his Hons. BSc in Forensic Science and Biology. At the Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto Dr. Lackovic completed his Masters degree in Oral Microbiology - studying the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Not only does he know about 'bugs' in the mouth, he also studies 'real' bugs as a hobby collecting butterflies and beetles from around the world.

Dr. Lackovic earned his degree in Dentistry at the University of McGill. McGill has been named the best University numerous times by Macleans magazine and is known internationally for its School of Medicine and Dentistry. The DMD program at McGill is unique in that the first 18 months of training is entirely within the Faculty of Medicine. This comprehensive training included the entire human body and not just the mouth. McGill is revered internationally as an institution as prestigious as Harvard University in the United States.

His scholarly performance in Dental school granted him to proceed directly to Orthodontic Residency. Training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics was completed at the Univerisity of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He was presented the Dr. Patel Award for Excellence in Orthodontic Education upon graduation.

One of his treated ABO cases was so technically difficult yet completed so well, it was requested to be put on display at an annual American Association of Orthodontist meeting in Denver, Co. Even after completing Orthodontic residency he continued with clinical research, lecturing and publishing on the benefits of Self-ligating braces at International meetings.

Continuing Education

I attend annual meetings of the American Association of Orthodontists and attend various lectures. I also do orthodontic research, publishing and lecturing on my findings internationally. I make sure to read the most recent publications by my colleagues so I can apply everything I have learned to the benefit of my patients. It is both my professional and personal duty to learn the newest, evidence-based treatment options on a continual basis to offer my patients the very best treatments.

Outside the office

I love to travel to exotic locations especially rain forests to enjoy the beauty and diversity of life. I try to keep some of that wonder with me in my office's collection of exotic butterflies.

Meet Our Staff

Silvija is one of our dental hygienists. She graduated from Toronto College of Dental Hygiene in 2013 and immediately joined our team. We are very happy to have Silvija as a member of our team.

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Samantha graduated from Medix College in 2016 as a Level I dental assistant. Her great energy and enthusiasm allows her to work in both office administration and clinical assisting. We are very happy to have Samantha as a member of our team.